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How Barnaclerid Works to Protect Your Boat

A protective Field is established around your hull and running gear, which Combats Barnacle growth, by creating an environment barnacles do not like therefore go elsewhere.

Two, three, four or more electrodes (dependant on the vessels size), are lowered into the water when your boat is stationary, moored, or in your marina berth. An invisible green friendly copper Ion protective field is created between the electrodes by our sophisticated computer controller. The field is wide enough to encompass your entire submerged hull if the electrodes are placed at each end of your boat (bow and stern).plus staggered port and starboard on larger vessels, or each hulls bow and stern on catamarans and on each corner of your Marina berth.The whole system consumes a maximum of only 1.2 Amp hour on 12 volt power or optional you can use mains shore power, genset or solar power.

The protective field is created between the electrodes by our sophisticated electronic computer controller.

Products List:

Barnaclerid Mono-Hull

Barnaclerid 3-Way

Barnaclerid Catamaran Models or Marina System

Marina 4 Electrode Model with Waterproof Enclosure

Barnaclerid Shore Power Adapter

Replacement Electrodes


Light and affordable, it is the ideal solution for those who prefer a simple and essential system. Range: 30-60-80-100 lit/h

Very compact units. The wide output range is able to satisfy all needs. Range: 35-60-100-150-210 lit/h

All components, including feed pumps, are included in the frame. Range: 35-60 lit/h

The New Generation Watermakers


Established in 1998 Schenker is a leading manufacturer of high quality watermakers based on an energy recovery system. The company owns 3 patents and has a long history of investing in research and development, focused to provide to the customers the best technical solutions. Today as well as tomorrow.


Provide an high quality and innovative product, that satisfies all the customers needs. Offer to the customers not only a quality product, but even an excellent service, every day. Provide eco-sustainable, simple and reliable solutions for making water.


Schenker watermakers, as an alternative to the high pressure pumps of traditional systems, make use of a new patented device (Energy Recovery System) that amplifies the pressure supplied by the low pressure pumps, recovers most part of the spent energy, thus enabling very high energy efficiency. The consumed energy is up to 80% lower than traditional systems.


Every customer is unique and no one understands that better than Reel Torque Yachts. This is because we don’t just sell yachts, but make it a point to understand our customer’s particular needs and applications before making any recommendations.

Our expertise has been built from more than 20 years of hands-on experience cruising the waters of South East Asia on our own luxury motor yachts. We know what it takes to make luxury cruising an unforgettable experience each time you leave the dock. As the dealer for Hatteras Yachts and Riviera, our fleet of yachts is reputed to be among the best-in-class worldwide for their superior deep sea performance, reliability, solid build and luxurious interior comforts.

The sale of Hatteras and Riviera motor yachts is conducted via private and personalized consultancy by appointment. Individual appointments can be made in the privacy of your office, home or any select location nominated by you. Kindly provide the information requested below so that we can attend to your specific needs. Alternatively, you may write to us directly at or contact us at (65) 6570 6595. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

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