Hatteras Yachts was born out of the treacherous waters that surround Cape Hatteras. For centuries, this fabled part of the mighty Atlantic has been subjected to the worst of nature’s wrath. It was here that Willis Slane was inspired to construct a yacht that would thrive in the fabled Graveyard of the Atlantic.

More than 50 years later, Hatteras Yachts is still the foremost leader in the construction of fiberglass yachts. Attention to detail, innovative thinking and impeccable quality have kept generations of customers coming back to Hatteras to fulfill their next yachting dream.

Hatteras Yachts is proud to present its entire fleet of sportfishing convertibles and motor yachts. They are not simply yachts, but our life’s pursuit.



The Hatteras Advantage

The Legacy of Hatteras

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Hatteras Yachts



From the moment you fire up the engines and cut through your first wave, the Hatteras Advantage is apparent. As our naval architects and engineers know, deep V-design hulls have a tendency to roll and incur high hull resistance. Flat-bottom hulls offer less resistance but pound in normal sea conditions. Thus, Hatteras has developed a series of convex and modified-V hulls that provide the best of both designs. These hulls deliver a sharp entry and a soft, stable ride – the renowned “Hatteras ride”. Further, most Hatteras hulls feature a double chine with hull side “step-outs” to help reduce spray while increasing the beam above the waterline. The benefits – a dryer ride and more interior space.

Hatteras also uses in-house designed 6- and 7-bladed nibral propellers custom built to our specifications. These propellers are dynamically balanced to effectively match the boat’s weight, speed, horsepower and reduction gear. Using large blade area ratios, the propeller’s load is distributed over a greater prop area. This reduces cavitation, vibration and noise and, at the same time, improves fuel economy and performance.

Hatteras engineers specify deep gear ratios combined with larger propellers to obtain optimum performance. There are many advantages to turning a larger propeller slower:

Decreased load sensitivity

Decreased drive train vibration

Constant speed under variable conditions

Increased fuel efficiency

Increased cruise speed

Decreased propeller slippage

Using advanced propulsion theories, Hatteras has also incorporated propeller tunnels into the hull bottom design. Tunnels allow the shaft angle to be reduced, which aids in the boat’s efficiency. This reduces the overall draft and allows the use of larger propellers to achieve the performance benefits above.

Only Hatteras provides the deep gear ratios needed to deliver the high performance you demand under full-load and real-world sea conditions – with the renowned Hatteras ride.

Custom Electrical Systems

The electrical panel isn’t something that most boaters get over-excited about unless they’re aboard a CABO. Each of our electrical systems is built by master marine electricians who are at the top of their game.

Closed, the electrical panel displays all switched electrical systems, with the components clearly labeled and backlit, allowing visual review and fingertip control. Opened, the clarity of the layout becomes even more evident; divided into AC and DC units, all wires are neatly bundled and labeled, and follow perfectly parallel lines. The CABO electrical system is just one more example of the superior quality found in our highly respected yachts.

To learn more about The Hatteras Advantage visit www.hatterasyachts.com

The Legacy of Hatteras Yachts

Designs That Inspire

Hatteras engineers never stop looking for new ways to achieve higher performance standards without sacrificing the safety or integrity of our yachts. In the process, we have developed numerous effective innovations that have benefited not just our customers, but the entire boating industry.


Early hull tunnels were really little more than “blisters” used to add propeller tip clearance under the hull. But in the late 1980s, Hatteras became the first production fiberglass builder of 50-foot-plus yachts to use true tunnels that actually penetrated the plane of the hull. In the years since, we have continued to lead in tunnel design by applying military technology that is now available to the public, providing our boat owners with the best handling and efficiency possible.


Hatteras has been using resin-infusion technology to create strong and lightweight decks, bulkheads, and other boat parts for years. But in 2008, we became the first yacht manufacturer to offer a fully resin-infused hull, on our 60 Convertible. The technology has since spread throughout our sportfishing and cruising lines. Resin infusion saves significant weight and adds stiffness while still providing the world-class ride our owners expect. It also means a much cleaner operation that virtually eliminates airborne pollutants, benefiting all boaters and non-boaters alike.


It is more efficient to move a large mass slowly than it is to move a small mass quickly. Hatteras applied this principle in the mid-1980s when it unveiled a 48 Convertible that featured a reduction gear of 2:1. Large-diameter, 2.5-inch, high-strength alloy shafts delivered additional torque to the propellers, making Hatteras the first pleasure craft company to use this approach to propulsion design. It is an approach that is only now being fully appreciated (and replicated) by the rest of the industry.


Hatteras became the first yacht manufacturer to use five-bladed propellers when we convinced Rolla to design its first pair in 1985. The propellers helped our engineers significantly reduce engine vibration and increase efficiencies due to the additional blade area. We’ve continued our leading role in this area with the development of six-bladed (1995) and seven-bladed (2000) props. An eight-bladed propeller is currently in development and promises our customers even better performance.


In 1980, Hatteras engineers developed and patented the quick-disconnect device for fast and easy fluid transfers, including oil change for gears, engines, and generators; waste oil pump-out; clean oil addition; fresh and saltwater wash-downs; and dockside hookup. Other builders use renditions of the device in limited applications, but we remain the only major yacht manufacturer to use the original stainless-steel version throughout our vessels.


Few boat builders commit such time, energy, and expense to electrical safety as Hatteras does. While many competitors cite ABYC standards, few actually meet those standards throughout their electrical systems. Hatteras not only meets the standards, but helped author them, resulting in more safety and reliability for our owners.


Every customer is unique and no one understands that better than Reel Torque Yachts. This is because we don’t just sell yachts, but make it a point to understand our customer’s particular needs and applications before making any recommendations.

Our expertise has been built from more than 20 years of hands-on experience cruising the waters of South East Asia on our own luxury motor yachts. We know what it takes to make luxury cruising an unforgettable experience each time you leave the dock. As the dealer for Hatteras Yachts and Riviera, our fleet of yachts is reputed to be among the best-in-class worldwide for their superior deep sea performance, reliability, solid build and luxurious interior comforts.

The sale of Hatteras and Riviera motor yachts is conducted via private and personalized consultancy by appointment. Individual appointments can be made in the privacy of your office, home or any select location nominated by you. Kindly provide the information requested below so that we can attend to your specific needs. Alternatively, you may write to us directly at [email protected] or contact us at (65) 6570 6595. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.